ROOT tutorial at FNAL and the User’s Guide v5.08.

I study ROOT by reading the Fermilab ROOT tutorial material. On the other hand, the ROOT User’s Guide (v5.08) is an important document for users to study ROOT. I reviewed and compared with the two documents. I found that the content structures in the two documents are similar.

I prefer reading the User’s Guide to reading the Fermilab material. The descriptions in the User’s Guide are more thorough than the Fermilab material. The Fermilab material is based on ROOT Version 3.01 which was released in June, 2001. However, the User’s Guide (v5.08) was released in December, 2005.

Therefore, I will study ROOT and make notes according to the User’s Guide. If I will make a presentation to introduce ROOT in the future, I will revise the Fermilab ROOT tutorial material with the User’s Guide.


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