The way to improve my English ability

If I go to see the movies and to talk with others to improve my English ability, it is not enough and poor of efficiency. The talking in the movie passes through and does not repeat again. Once I encounter new words in the movie, I can not remember them unless taking notes. On the other hand, I realize some confusion to speak with others around. Their tones and speaking habits are different, because they come from different nations and cultures. It will consume my partial time to get the balance of formal English tone and grammar.

Accordingly, I figure out additional ways to improve my English proficiency. The key point is to enhance my memory and comprehension in English. One method is to study the TOFEL and GRE materials in hand, and the other method is to listen to the broadcast. Reviewing my improvement in English in the past two semesters, significant advancement is that I can think in English without transferring into Chinese. However, the vocabulary and grammar in my mind are still deficient now. From professor’s correction on Friday, I regard that my fault.

My available TOFEL and GRE materials are in the form of audio files with writings in my hard disk and CDs. There are hundreds of model essays useful for me to understand the usage, even the simple words which I know. They will help me to reorganize my English usage. Of course I will ask for help from writing center in the library, and I will search other way to improve my English ability.

Otherwise, I think that my listening ability is without obstacle, unless the vocabulary. I am skilled in listening to classical music. I can recognize the pronunciations and tones, even at higher speed. Therefore, my remaining object is to speak well in English.


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